Aug 14 2018 -- Bombardier Muskeg Buggy


Aug 14 2018 -- TD-6 motor change to T-6


April 28 2018 -- Beech 18 water recovery


April 28 2018 -- Water Salvage Index


April 08 2018 -- King's Bar Starter


April 08 2018 -- Barnes Freighters


April 04 2018 -- Hats for sale


March 25 2018 -- Linn Tractor Working


March 25 2018 -- Winter Drill Road Index


Dec 25 2017 -- 1953 Bombardier Model B-18


Nov 21 2017 -- KoO-Tracks


Nov 17 2017 -- King's Cats


Nov 17 2017 -- Black Fleet on Wheels


Jan 07 2016 -- YouTube Videos



Nov 20 2018


you know it is a monday morning when the new poo pump comes with funny screws in it. oh well.


funny screws

Nov 19 2018


we aquired serveral drawigs from up north where santa claus lives. these drawings will become someone's xmas gift in the near future. more to come on this later.



Nov 18 2018


we worked late last night to get the white mini bus over the pit in the new shop to drop the fuel tank. there was a lot of snow in the shop but the mini Hoe and the td-6 known as Aggie had no problem moving it.


mini bus in shop

Nov 17 2018


with the extra cold temperatures at -31c but feels like -42c, i was able to snap this picture at 9:32am in the morning which gives the long shadow.




Nov 16 2018


woke up to -31c but feels like -42c which was not forecasted. it is a good thing we used the forklift to get xena's quad when it didn't start at -22c last night. the quad was tossed in the heated loader shed so it will start today.


quad tow

Nov 15 2018


we worked late last night trying to get some of the vehicles fixed but that didn't happen. oh well.


night light


Nov 14 2018


my son used the new forklift named Mr. Clark yesterday to start empting out a container. plus she did not get stuck at all yesterday too.


mr. clark

Nov 13 2018


then new forklift arrived in the Kingdom yesterday and had no problem zipping around the snow packed ground which was a surprise.. for some reason the new style forklift look out of place and it is not just the colour green.



Nov 12 2018


for a family fun day we took out the quads to check ou the winter drill roads. the first time in 2 years the new enclosed trailer has moved since it's arrival in the Kingdom.


black trailer


xena took a selfie of me wearing a go-pro to get the filming of our adventure.


KoO go-pro


i went and got the quad stuck in non-frozen muskeg by the creek. my son xena told me i'm to old to drive the quad aggressively to get it out to better ground. so as of yesterday i'm offically to old.


my son quad


Nov 11 2018


for my son and her boyfriend to do the poo haul, i had to plow out the tanks so she could find them. it was a family fun day.


39 convoy

Nov 10 2018


we are loaded up and ready to head out this morning. the 1939 chevy that i have owned since 1981 is hauling the newest cat in the Kingdom. which is the TD-6 known as Aggie who was made in 1952. so i guess you can say i'm a big time contractor for the 1955 era.


39 aggie



Nov 09 2018


it was a boring day in the Kingdom yesterday working on the poo truck. so here is a picture of the 39 chevy on our drill roads we built in march 2017 when there was way too much snow.


39 chevy

Nov 08 2018


we did a tow call yesterday because the poo truck would not start in a heated shop. we dragged the truck out and hooked up the Screaming Ford.


poo tow


once on the road the truck towed really nice back to the Kingdom.


tow poo

Nov 07 2018


more snows came and i had to get the Hoe out to clean the walk ways in the Kingdom. this is where the size of your Hoe matters.


hoe snow

Nov 06 2018


my son took this quick selfie picture of me looking like a dork. not sure if i'm trying to show off my man boobs or what. oh well take the good pictures with the bad i guess.




Nov 05 2018


a relaxing sunday signing books to be mailed to the usa. plus the time change will have me screwed up for the next 2 weeks. not sure who thought the time change up and 2 countries change the clocks with no one protesting. oh my.



Nov 04 2018


people ask me why i don't have a modern semi to haul my collectables and supplies from the south. i then tell people i'm smart with my money and buying a highway semi is a waste of money for me. the highway semis have to run steady miles to cover the cost of insurance and repairs. plus the manitoba D.O.T. is the new form of tax, if the DOT inspection people see you and pull you over for no special reason you will be getting a pink piece of paper to remember them by. the Screaming Ford is a winter road truck and serves me well and it not a highway truck any more. i have Metalz in Motion in winnipeg do all my southern trucking for the last 5 years and they are good at it. susan is my regular driver who hauls north and over the so-called road which is no dramas for her. she has the coloured(forgot the colour i was told being colour blind) Kenworth hooked up to my 3rd van trailer i purchased this summer and will load on monday to head north. i bought the trailer over the internet not the phone and was surprised to see matching mud flaps on the trailer. matching mud flaps are rare on trailers just like matching undies on ladys of the north.


3rd trailer

Nov 03 2018


not sure how this colour of spray paint got in with the others but the mounting brackets for the LED yard light on the caboose is offically paint. being colour blind i don't know what colour it is.


led light


after installing 4 more LED yard lights which made the Kingdom so much brighter. i was able to take this picture with the auto setting on the camera not using the night picture setting. you it is bright when you can take a picture like this because we have never been able to get any night pictures in the past.


shop night

Nov 02 2018


it is offical, my new forklift has been loaded up and heading north to the Kingdom. yes the money tree has been blossoming very well lately compared to other years.



Nov 01 2018


my son and her boyfriend got to do the supply run over the so-called road. we had to wait till everything we ordered to show up in thompson because of the mail strike before we could head down to pick it up.



Oct 31 2018


we are about 3 weeks late in putting the chains on the Screaming Ford but it is still october. not like the stars of the winter road TV show that show up from the south only spend 3 weeks of the season driving on the winter roads when the camera is filming then leave. we got 6 months of winter road season ahead of us.


chained up

Oct 30 2018


yesterday we packed a wooden box to be shipped south and of course it was a tight fit like getting dolly parton in a training bra. but we made everything fit in the box and the mini Hoe is handy to hold the lid open plus help get the lid shut too.


metals in box

Oct 29 2018


yesterday i took my 2017 quad out for a ride which is only the second time for this machine. i paid cash for this machine which stays in the shed and i'm the only one to ride it. in 2 years i have gotten 21.2 hours on it so in a couple more years it will be ready for it's first oil change. on my ride i went behind the Kingdom to check out how the muskeg is freezing up where i build my test winter road.




quad ride


Oct 28 2018


it took me 2 years to figure out the $400.00 industrial yard lights with the $50.00 do not touch bulb suck because they don't have a light sensor. plus they take forever to warm up when you turn them on. the farm supply store had these LED lights on sale for $128.00 with light sensor included but i had to make the bracket to mount them. at 8pm in the dark i grabbed the wrong spray can of paint being colour blind. oh well. painting at -5c is always great fun.


yard light

Oct 27 2018


the new air compressor for the school bus left winnipeg in the south on wednesday at 4pm. by friday at 4pm it was in the Kingdom with all the other parts needed for the school bus. the joys of living 1200kms at the end of the world. for the price the credit card got whacked for air compressor, you would think they would have splashed some paint on it.



Oct 26 2018


yesterday i said bye bye to the 3 speed transmission in the bombardier to get measurments for the new custom built automatic transmission being built as we speak (type). 3 on the tree shift pattern didn't work when you sat beside the transmission so it is not going to work when the transmission is 8 feet behind you.



Oct 25 2018


we have been so busy in the Kingdom that i got stressed out and bought a T-9 cat which is named Zhoda. he has been picked up and ready to be shipped north to the Kingdom.



Oct 24 2018


i was able to take the school bus on test drive to see how the engine survive the gas in the diesel. for some reason i didn't go far in the fear of walking home.


test drive


i did not re-assemble the engine completely back together in case i had to take it apart. i just tied the big heater hoses to the side of the bus. then the bus had no heat but it was a nice day of -3c.


test hoses

Oct 23 2018


it took 14 hours of research and prep before we even turned the key on the bus that was gassed up and the diesel motor didn't like that. with a total outside fuel system to help flush out the bad fuel and removing the injector lines to chase the bad fuel out.


bus runs


plus the filters we ordered didn't arrive so a 6mm bag keep the fuel sensors wet to tell the engine computer everything is ok. we erased the codes and the engine started and ran like a dream. we shut the engine off after a short time because it needs an oil change incase the gas washed the cylinder walls. the days of being a mechanic and turning the key to crank it over to see what is wrong are long gone. as i say there is no money in being obsolete, my new code reader has made me lots of money this month.


6mm filter


Oct 22 2018


we worked in the pouring rain yesterday to get the poo truck finished so it could go back to hauling poo. at 5pm i took the poo truck for a test drive down main street to see if it was a chick magnet. for some reason none of the ladys waved back which surprised me being a famous 15 second TV star. just a quick picture arriving back in the Kingdom.


test drive

Oct 21 2018


it was a good day in the Kingdom with the poo truck engine back together. it took me and the code reader about an hour to convince the truck engine to do a force re-gen to to burn off the exhaust particles in the DEF system. we think the truck engine was scared to do a force re-gen because it has not done one in so long that it might end up burning the truck. once the code reader got the forced re-gen going on the poo truck, the fumes off the exhaust pipe made your eyes water and the smell was not good either. now the truck runs and start good and will be able to go back to hauling poo.


snow again

Oct 20 2018


my customer dropped off the new turbo for the poo truck which they had flown in from menphis usa. i never asked because it was their credit card not mine. to get the new turbo to match the old turbo in mounting, i used the angle finder to get the degrees needed. thought was required on this project.


turbo mounting

Oct 19 2018


when the cord for the 12 volt pump is too short because the bus is too long. you get the KoO-Tracks to supply the power. just another fun day in the Kingdom.


pump power

Oct 18 2018


the Scream Ford which is a 1974 ford 9000 got to do a little towing on the school bus because the computer was tossing codes. the 8V71 will never toss codes, just add fresh oil daily.


towing bus

Oct 17 2018


my southern parts order from rodney at westrans arrived yesterday. i even put the parts away in the yellow bins so i don't forget what they are. i hate looking up part numbers to re-order.


yellow bins


Oct 16 2018


i'm still learning the new code reader which is not an enigma machine. i have to google and learn what the code then figure out what to do. the poo truck is 6 years old and has 24,000kms on it but the code reader is saying the turbo was dieing. first we thought the oil filter has been leaking for a few years and soaked the wire connectors for the turbo which was causing the code. but i thought i would double check the turbo to be safe. i'm glad i did because the turbo shaft moves up and down by a 1/4 of an inch plus there is a clunk sound when you spin the turbo by hand. so the computer on the turbo was correct in de-rating the engine because the turbo was dieing due too much starting fluid because the engine was not starting due to other codes. oh well.




Oct 15 2018


this trailer arrived in the Kingdom after it self destructed on the so-called road. this is normal then they want it fixed right now and as cheap as possible.


broken trailer


first thing i had to do it get tires and rims shipped from the south from the farm store because the fellow would not want me putting expensive 10 ply tires and good rims on the trailer. i have to run quality parts on my equipment because i can't afford to break down. so 2 tires and rims from the south is the price of 1 tire and rim that i have to run on my trailers. the parts i have instock for repairs are kept in the house-office because they are expensive and can't get rusty.


new parts


after a hard days work on a sunday which makes it the second sunday this month fixing broken trailers. the trailer is offically ready because i preformed a lot of magic.


new tires

Oct 14 2018


yesterday we woke up to high winds and snow that was sticking to the cameras outside. i had to look out the window to see what the weather was like because the cameras were useless. not very often this happens because looking out the window only gives you one view while the cameras give you night vision and 8 views too.


snow deck


due to the weather not being nice i built a doggie tunnel for the dogs on their non-heated green shed they hang out in. of course nothing is straight in the Kingdom like in the land of Dr. Seuss books.



Oct 13 2018


it is a good day when you get to ride your Hoe on a friday to straighten out the 1/4 fender on the poo truck.


poo hoe


the repair turned out good from a far but far from good. but the main thing is the hood closes and latches. the hood bouncing caused the grill clips to break off. when i opened the hood for the first time when the poo truck arrived 2 weeks ago. the grill fell on the ground at my feet. oh well.



Oct 12 2018


being colour blind i have a few tricks to help me out when my son is not around to tell me the colours. trying to hook up the new mirrors with clearance lights and mirror heaters was fun. we could not find the switch for the mirror heaters or the fuse.


test light


google said the inside fuse panel was behind the kick panel on the passenger's side. the panel even had the fuse sign on the panel but no fuses. in the end i just ran some black wire and a toggle switch on the dash to get the mirrors heaters to turn off. oh well.


no fuses


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie