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Feb 15 2019


i had to whip up some little flag poles for the flags on the blade of the plow truck named Thor which turned out ok.




then i whipped up a granny step which had to be dried on the wood stove because i put the paint on thick.


granny step

Feb 14 2019


yesterday i used a gas powered chop saw to cut the blade extension for the vee plow on my cat. a day later my arms and hands are still tiggling from the vibration from the chop saw.


cut tank


the tank i cut up was made in texas in 1951 so it was made with good steel.




Feb 13 2019


it only took 16 years to finally get around to changing the track tighteners on the td-6 known as the Kommunisat Kat which is 71 years old.


new tighteners


when the tighteners were complete they will give years of service and i hope to be 70 years old when i have to work on them again.


tightener install


Feb 12 2019


on one of my GM vehicles it would not start and i thought it was the GM anti-theft device which causes more problems then if the vehicle was actually stolen. but it was another anti-theft device that the government of manitoba made the first owner install in the vehicle called an MPI Immobilizer. it took a while for me to figure out why the vehicle would not start when the 2 anti-theft devices are fighting over control of the vehicle. the joys of being colour blind and staying away from electrical i have to learn to be able to repair through google and youtube.


mystery box

Feb 11 2019


nothing exciting in the Kingdom yesterday so here is a doggie pictures which makes everyone happy. xena's dogs relaxing on her new couch.


dogs glowing eyes

Feb 10 2019


i worked most of yesterday in the little shop with the wood stove going which means no exciting pictures. but here is a picture from a couple of weeks ago of the 39 chevy dumping snow out of the box at -33c.


39 dumping

Feb 09 2019


the parts did not arrive in the mail for the td-6 known as the Kommunist Kat so he got tossed out of the heated shop for another project to go in. the days are getting longer with day light still at 5:30pm.


KK group


Feb 08 2019


rodney at westrans was playing with his computer and whipped up a couple business cards for me. it looks like i'm peaking in your computer screen.


business cards


once i was finished with the repairs to the 39 chevy, i used the truck to drag the td-6 known as the Kommunist Kat up to the shop because the little cat was next to go in the shop.


39 kk


Feb 07 2019


i put the mini Hoe, rims for the 39 chevy so i could mount the new tires and the silver slip tank in the shop for the day. the silver slip tank needed a service and a good thaw too.


Hoe slip tank


then the 39 chevy was put in the shop over night to thaw out so i can pop the new tires on and do a little service to the truck. since the truck is 80 years old and working hard in this cold weather, a little warm up is nice.



39new tires

Feb 06 2019


when my son said she would give me a ride on her new ski-doo to get the water truck. i did not think at my age i would be riding in the toboggan behind the new ski-doo.


sled ride


during the heat of the day of -30c but feels like -44c in the great white north. we did a water haul to the Kingdom. good thing the magnet was in the back of the 1939 chevy to give the truck a nice ride and weight for towing 500 gallons of almost frozen water. only an 80 year old chevy can handle a job like this.

39 hauling water

Feb 05 2019


when it is -40c and it all about survival for man and machine. the 97 ford has been acting up and costing more then what iti s worth. the $1200.00 in 10 ply tires were needed else where. like the animal kingdom only the strong survive.


97 ford stripping

Feb 04 2019


one thing nice about working on the td-6 known as the Kommunist Kat, the T stands for Tiny. i changed out the track roolers which were well worn out and should have been changed in 1982.

worn rollers


then we used the mini Hoe to put the track back on which was an easy job.


KK Hoe


once the Kommunist Kat was out of the little shop, the pink crew cab went in to get warmed up for the block heater repair.


pink crew cab shop

Feb 03 2019

i had to whip up some plates to keep the track tightener on the td-6 known as the Kommunist Kat point in the right direction. a little magic was preformed.




the pink crew cab didn't start because the block heater finally died and then the 97 ford has been having issues for the last month. not sure what is wrong witht he 97 ford but it my be bi-polar because one day it start and barely runs and the next day it won't even start. the code reader is plugged in to the dash all the time to erase the codes as they pop up. but the 86 dodge started and i even went for a drive down main street to wave at the ladys.


86 dodge


Feb 02 2019

when it is -40c below outside it best to hide in the little shop with the wood stove going to stay warm. i greased up the replacement rollers for the td-6 known as the Kommunist Kat.


greased up


one of the joys of living at the end of the world and owning obsolete equipment is the long wait for parts. the new tire for the plow truck named Thor took 7 days to arrive from edmonton. the new tires for the 1939 chevy only took 10 months to arrive from india. i guess they had to scrap a few ships in india to get enough rubber to make 2 tires for me.


tires arrived

Feb 01 2019

the Kommunist Kat has been in the shop for over a week and i'm finally getting to work on it. the track tightener has been giving me problems since 2003 and it is time to fix it.


kk tightener


the plow truck Thor didn't like the extra cold weather with the weather cracks in the sidewall of the tire getting a little bigger. to be safe i bought a new tire at $1000.00 and we will pop it on today. we brought the bad tire in the shop to warm up over night in hopes of the tire change being easier.


tire change

Jan 31 2019

during the heat of the day of -36c with a wind chill of -53c, i fired up the 11939 chevy and headed out 3 miles to pick up the magnet for the scrap guy who is without his ladys. i guess when you live at the end of the world, it does not matter how cold it is work continues on.


39 chevy -36c

Jan 30 2019

just another warm day in the Kingdom.


Jan 29 2019


i took a drive up the winter road to preform some magic but it was way too cold for magic. a 20 hour trip at -32c to -36c plus blizzard like wind chills of -57c. the pink crew cab was fully loaded and i was happy to get home at midnight with no breakage.


wr closed


i took a selfie of myself and the temperature in the mirror.


wr temp

Jan 27 2019


this morning my wake up call was at 7am on a sunday morning because a replacement truck on a step deck trailer would not start. so i got paid to enjoy my morning coffee watching my cameras as the truck was warmed up by a diesel heater. working smarter not harder. once the truck was up and running it was driven off the trailer and a broken truck was loaded up to go back south. only thing broken was the computer again.


phl heating


Jan 26 2019


i woke an hour early because the house felt chilly. i checked the weather network to see that it was extra cold this morning. oh well i chose to live up here at the end of the world.



Jan 25 2019


when it is really cold outside things seem to break very easily. the scrap guy without his ladys had the thumb cylinder break like a dry spaghetti noodle. yes 3 inches of harden steel shaft just snapped.


broken rod


a quick 300km trip over the so-called road to the local machine shop and they whipped up a new replacment rod. you know it is a common problem in the cold north when the machine shop stocks all the material to do these types of repairs.


rod fixed

Jan 24 2019


during this cold weather, my son xena has her dogs in the house where it is warm. by the looks of the picture, these dogs are enjoying the new couch she bought in december.


warm dogs

Jan 23 2019


just a normal day in the Kingdom, service the magnet for the scrap guy who is without his ladys.


magnet service


then cook supper and make sure to read the instruction on cooking the costco chicken so it does not end up as dog treats.


cosco chicken


Jan 22 2019


to work on my chainsaw i needed a special screw driver and thansk to my Kingdom Followers i now have the special screw driver. the internet makes the world a small place.


screw driver

Jan 21 2019


last night being a sunday i cooked a good meal for the scrap guy who is without his ladys. i whipped up some steaks-ettes that were bacon wrapped and imported from the south. it was a good meal and a lot better then anything you get at the cafe in town which is never open.



Jan 20 2019


another -40c day in the Kingdom which is normal for us at this time of the year. the extension cords at these temperatures are called erection cords because they have no flex at all.


erection cords


Jan 19 2019


woke up to -40c in the Kingdom this morning so a quick picture of driving Thor the other day as i enjoy numerous cups of coffee.


Thor view

Jan 18 2019


yesterday was my first seat time behind the wheel of the plow truck named Thor. the truck did an impressive job of plowing the main road in to Hughes Lake. then all the other roads around the community at -34c but felt like -46c.


Thor sunset


for a big truck it sure fits in small areas around the houses to access the poo tanks.


Thor poo tanks


the last job of the day was to plow in to the MTS phone tower which has not been plowed this year. the truck had no problem breaking trail and cutting the snow right down to the gravel.


Thor mts

Jan 17 2019


Thor had no problem with a cold morning start of -36c but felt like -46c in the Kingdom yesterday.


cold start


at my age i have to use a stool then a barrel to be able to work on Thor since he is a tall truck.



Jan 16 2019


yesterday was a fun day of staying warm at -35c but felt like -45c. at these temps everything is a struggle to get things done and everything takes 4 times longer to do. one good thing is the rescue puppie named echo is just about ready to join the guard dogs in the Kingdom.




Jan 15 2019


the scrap guy and his lady went plowing with Thor the plow truck and didn't return till 10pm at night. someday i'll get to sit in the seat of the big truck.


Thor snow

Jan 14 2019


it is hard to believe the 39 chevy with a $40,000.00 magnet in the box is worth less then the bombardier. the bombardier was a money pit which i tossed end-less amounts of money, labour and new parts at it over the course of 14 months. the money spent on the bombardier could have been spent in las vegas falling in love, being married by elvis and getting a DIEvorce all in the same 14 month time period.


39 BB

Jan 13 2019


a Kingdom Follower missed the steep driveway in to the Kingdom and slid the truck and trailer in to the ditch with deep snow. the scrap guy without his ladys was able to help drag out the vehicle with his 330B Hoe.


truck recovery


then the plow truck Thor got to plow the highway smooth again. right equipment for the job at the right time too.


Thor highway

Jan 12 2019


my son xena bought a new couch before xmas which turns out to be for her dogs to relax on. nothing but the best life for the resuce dogs she has saved.


3 dogs


Jan 11 2019


i never realised how big the plow truck named Thor was untill you have to use a forklift and ladder to get the southern supplies out of the box.




then the wing was mounted and the fun began with Thor and 6 hours of snow plowing.



Jan 10 2019


Thor has arrived in the Kingdom only 24 hours after leaving the south. let the fun begin today.


Thor arrived


Jan 09 2019


it is offical that the plow truck named Thor has been loaded up and heading north to the Kingdom. let the fun begin when he arrives in the Kingdom.


Thor loaded up

Jan 08 2019


in the little shop, everything has to be offset to work on it. the bombardier on the left side of the shop to work on the right side of the machine.


no track

then we pull the bombardier out to work on the left side of the machine with it on the right side of the shop.

other side

Jan 07 2019


in may 2018 when the money tree blossomed from winter roads., i spent my money wisely and not on women. i purchased all the parts need for the bombardier and put in inventory.




then purchased the $5000.00 Italian tire machine. now january 2019 the plan is all coming together.

tire machine

Jan 06 2019


i needed the space in the little shop to fix the glow plugs on the new forklift. so out came the bombadier with the mini Hoe and in with the forklift. having a Hoe around is very handy.


BB Hoe

Jan 05 2019


being the King of Obsolete i do things a little differently then most people. to say thansk to the people at westrans company in winnipeg who supply most of the parts to the Kingdom for my collectables. i had rodney my main partsman at westrans order in a pizza-chicken lunch for for the staff of 25. he had frank's pizza on main street cater and whack my credit card which was not that bad in price for the service given.


westrans food


while these people were enjoying a free lunch on my credit card 1200kms away in the south, my son and i were out ski-dooing to check winter drill roads. when we returned from having so much fun freezing, i seen the pictures of everyone enjoying them selfs which made my day.


KoO ski-doo


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie