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July 20 2018


last night my son took her boyfriend fishing. the joys of living at the end of the world.



July 19 2018


it is hard to believe that 11 years ago i whipped up this golfing guy from a bent piece of pipe.



July 18 2018


we had to work late to finish the BBQs for today due to the fact i ran out of mig gas. then it was the arc welder then drilling and bolting the barrels to the pipe frame. splashed a little Kingdom Chrome paint on to make the BBQs look good too.


BBQs painted

July 17 2018


people ask where the 97 ford came from and it is easy. an impaired driver missed the turn and ended up in the snow bank at the hosiptal. the towing and impound fees are more then what the truck is worth so justice awards me the vehicle. this works out good in 2% of the impounds that i get awarded. the other 98% are junk and cost more to recylce then what they are worth. it makes it hard to pay your bills when there is no cash flow.


97 ford

July 16 2018


since it rained all weekend, i whipped up 2 of these BBQs that will be finished today.




i even cheated and made a wooden jig to guide me in mounting the legs. in the past i would have just held the pipe in place and the vodka would have assisted me in getting it right. i guess i'm getting old.


bbq legs

July 15 2018


instead of taking a woman out for a fine dinner in hopes of cuddling on the couch afterwards. i used the money to buy shiney valves and the brass garden hose fittings for the water manifold i hope to never use because of forest fires. oh well.


brass valves

July 14 2018


finally after almost 2 months all the parts arrived and the wiring is offically done on the big tex trailer.



July 13 2018


for the first time we put the linn tractor in the new shop over the pit so we can do a service on the tracks and such. winter is coming.



July 12 2018


just another fun day working with my welding tools building a wooden deck for a local customer's truck.



July 11 2018


we took the 97 ford south over the so-called road to get the offical safety done on the vehicle to be able to register with plates and full insurance. it was a long trips starting at 4am and finishing at 10pm but a fact of life when you live at the end of the world.


ford 97

July 09 2018


hydro turned the power off to WHOville last night to do a little work at the dam site. but life was normal in the Kingdom with the welder suppling power. i put the welder in and upside down box as protection from the rain storm we had.


welder power

July 08 2018


it was a good day yesterday with getting these super duty fenders completed and paint splashed on.


fenders done

July 07 2018


yesterday i used the mini Hoe to smooth out the dirt floor in the little shop. sure beats using a rake and shovel.



July 06 2018


it was a relaxing day whipping up fenders for this trailer that will survive the winter road. thought was required.



July 05 2018


the 86 dodge is due for an oil change so it is in the new shop over the pit. some day i will finish the shop.




July 04 2018


my son xena took a selfie of me rolling up the hoses so they are ready for next time incase of a forest fire.



July 03 2018


it was a nice relaxing holiday monday in the Kingdom which i rode the mini Hoe. for the last 22 years we have been cleaning up garbage in the bush from when people lived in the bush as squatters due to no housing when the nickel mine was booming. the mini Hoe does an excellent job plus makes a nice fire guard too.


fire break


July 02 2018


yesterday we decided to do a little recycling of a 1985 dodge van for parts for the 1986 dodge 1/2 ton truck.




but a little magic had to be preformed to get the reciever hitch to fit the dodge 1/2 ton. oh well.



July 01 2018


the rearend was an easy install and it took a little thought to get the front end figured out.




with the chevy axles and springs roughly installed the rest of the work will take place in october in the heated shop. switching to chevy axles makes it a lot cheaper and easy to get parts.


MT done


June 30 2018


friday night of the canadian long weekend and it is time to relax and enjoy working on the Monster Truck.




for some reason i only got the rearend removed before getting side tracked last night.


no rearend

June 29 2018


we have been getting a little rain here and there but yesterday we installed the surge tanks for the water line. the mini Hoe is great fun and handy to have for doing little jobs like this one.


surge tank


of course everything looks good in black paint.


surge tanks blakc

June 28 2018


the fuel truck from the south arrived with all the garden hose and sprinklers they had in stock at the canadian tire store in thompson. the fuel is for the generators and pumps in case the fire just east of town get too close. it is only money that i would have spent on women.


fire supplies

June 27 2018


my son xena took this picture 2 days ago of the forest fire at lasthope lake. fact of life when you live at the end of the world.



June 26 2018


it was +30c in the Kingdom yesterday so i was hiding in the shop working on the quad. of course they sent the wrong axle with 36 splines instead of 28 splines. oh well fact of life at the end of the world.


quad axle


June 25 2018


i took a nice relaxing sunday to organize the welding sleigh which should have been done a couple of years ago.


w sleigh


June 24 2018


a simple little job yesterday to change the oil on the 3 welders turned out to be a big job. i found out a metric filter will fit the honda and kohler motors but the imperial thread filter will only fit the kohler motor. with this i had to double check the filters in the welding sleigh plus google really helped too.



June 23 2018


just started another project which i'm not sure what we are doing yet but i know i don't like yellow paint.



June 22 2018


yesterday we did a quick trip over the so-called road in the 97 ford truck we have recently "aquired" plus it was +33c temperatures too.


97 trip


the trailer of choice was trailer #3 which is a 1985 chevy with new springs and coil over shocks.


trailer 3

June 20 2018


one of the joys of being colour blind is i only need one big spool of black wire to get the job done.


black wires

June 19 2018


we took the 1997 ford out for a legal test drive because i bought a 30 day premit.


test drive


on thursday the new tires arrive then the truck will be offically complete and looking better too.



June 18 2018


the weekend ran out so today i'll finish the truck box on the 97 ford with working tail lights. yesterday i whipped up the 4.5" wide fenders and a few other things.



June 17 2018


i remember when the fellow built a plywood box liner to save the box on this ford truck but it didn't. the plywood held the water which caused the box to rust away. the sides and tail gate are prefect but just no floor or cross members.




we tossed on a 30 year old under ground mining truck box that has been in the Kingdom for years to get the ford truck back on the road.



June 16 2018


one of the joys of living at the end of the world is we have to fix things so they can go back south like this trailer. the wheel fell off on this trailer at some point in time and some one didn't fix it correctly. now i had to preform magic with silver solder and lots of hand filing to get it correct.


silver solder


June 15 2018


we were able to splash the paint on this 97 ford truck last night. the bugs were bad and the rain was coming but we got it done.


97 painted


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie