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December 2020


In 2003, I bought my first computer as the King of Obsolete so I could see the world through my computer screen. By 2004 I had enough computer skills to start this website so the rest of the world can see how I live at the end of the world in the Great White North. I have figured the website has become quite successfully with people around the world emailing or posting on Facebook about how they enjoy my lifestyle. Through www.kingofobsolete.ca website, the world has seen my daughter Xena which I raised as a single parent since birth, grow up to be an independent women who works along side me. Plus the website has helped me publish books which are around the world with people enjoying no matter if they are male or female or English is not their main language. With the website being popular around the world i was able to appear as a guest on Ice Road Truckers TV show in seasons 7 & 8 which was a lot of fun. I'm proud to tell everyone that I'm a single parent of a daughter, published author and on national TV around the world all from my Kingdom at the end of the So-Called road to Lynn Lake Manitoba.


With the Covid 19 lock down which started March 31 2020 for us at the end of the world. I have been able to write my 5th book to 9th book with the gates to the Kingdom closed because we are locked down. These new books deal with my Wasted Youth growing up around Brandon Manitoba.


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WHAT THE KING DID TODAY -- April 21 2021


KING TODAY DIAL UP PAGE -- April 21 2021



April 16 2021 -- Winter Road Book Series King of Obsolete Page


April 04 2021 -- King of Obsolete's Adventures 4th book


April 04 2021 -- Joey Barnes KoO Book Author Page


March 22 2021 -- King of Obsolete's Ladies 3rd book


KING'S CATS -- my collection TD-6, TD-9, TD-18, D6-9U, LINN TRACTOR


Linn Tractor Working


Nov 08 2019 -- Linn Tractor Logging Sleighs


KING'S BAR STARTER --april 2018 -- 2 new Bar Starters made in the summer of 2017


TD-6 TD-9 Thermostat upgrades -- simple pictures to follow (updated July 01 2020)

TD-6 TD-9 check list -- for when you buy your first cat

TD-6 motor change to T-6


Nov 03 2019 -- TD-9 INTERNATIONAL "Free Fall"

Nov 03 2019 -- TD-18 index page


Sterling's Sunken Cat


Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleigh 2019

Oct 22 2019 -- Lombard Winter Freighting Sleighs

Nov 03 2019 -- P.A.T Winter Freighting Sleigh

Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleighs







HYDRO LINE 2009  --MARCH 2009



Feb 12 2020 -- 1976 AM General M816 Wrecker


Jan 12 2020 -- Sunken Ford 9000 Recovery


1939 Chevy Truck -- the best $200.00 i spent in 1984


BLACK FLEET ON WHEELS -- the complete list in the Kingdom with wheels


The Fleet on Wheels (the old page with pictures)


Barnes Freighters


8V71 DETROIT DIESEL TRUCK ENGINE -- this is the engine in the Screaming Ford



1953 Bombardier Model B-18


Bombardier Muskeg Buggy


KoO-Tracks 2017 to 2018 fun added


V12 GMC 702 ENGINE KNOWN AS SCHOOL BOY'S DREAM -- the title says it all



WINTER ROAD WEBPAGE -- KoO adventures on winter roads


Winter Drill Road Index






Water Salvage Index -- I'm afraid of water and yet i do water salvages


Beech 18 water recovery


Feb 04 2020 -- CF-PJG Beech 18 Kingdom


ROYAL NAVY -- Boats built from scarp steel




KING'S ROYAL TOURS --my travels that turn out to be adventures


www.kingofobsolete.ca--the story how the website came about


THE KINGDOM --the place we call home


King's Lingo -- my use of words


YouTube VideoDec 2020 update


KoO HATS -- purchased here on the website

1st book CAT TRAIN NEWSLETTERS -- purchased here on the website

2nd book LIFE IN THE KINGDOM -- purchased here on the website     


ENJOYABLE BOOKS that the King's likes to read-- which is not always PLAYBOY



Contacting the King of Obsolete-- at the end of the world